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Corporate Learning

Our personalized Corporate Learning solutions accelerate your corporate
transformation and performance. Your executives and employees will derive
employee satisfaction with organizational communication.
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Emerging Technologies

We provide an Emerging Technologies program to strengthen the right set of industry knowledge.

Explore our Courses

  • Introduction to Machine Learning using Python
  • Introduction to Data Science and Algorithms
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity and Cybersecurity Readiness
  • Introduction to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger
  • Introduction to Bigdata and Analytics
  • Google Cloud Certification – Associate Cloud Engineer
  • AWS Cloud Certification – Associate Developer
  • Introduction to Mobile Development Frameworks and Technologies

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Executive Education

Our Executive Education program provides Learners with an embracing & extensive experience, case studies for their professional or career growth.

Explore our Courses

  • Design Thinking and Innovation for Executives
  • Entrepreneurship & Fundraising
  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing Project/Program Management
  • PMP/PgMP Certification
  • Agile Scrum Certification
  • Accelerating Digital Transformation and Cloud Strategies for Executives
  • Finance and Data visualization for Executives

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Technology Executive Education

Our Technology Executive Education program works with Tech Executives at all levels to translate technology into actionable business outcomes and they will get the Technical Knowledge for their business domains or verticals. It helps Executives to articulate the technology part of their businesses to their employees and update their technology skills.

Explore our Courses

  • AI & ML for Executives
  • Data Science and Analytics for Executives
  • Blockchain for Executives
  • Cyber Security Readiness for Executives
  • Cloud Native Technologies, Cloud Architecture and Cloud Trends
  • Cloud Governance
  • Cloud Security and Cloud Security Audits
  • Cloud Cost Optimisation
  • Cloud Technologies and Digital Transformation
  • Google Cloud Certification – GCP Architect
  • AWS Certification – AWS Architect
  • IoT/Industrial IoT/Industry 4.0 for Executives
  • Technical Program Management
  • Finance and Data visualization for Executives

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Custom Programs

Our Custom Programs based on your requirements and our needs assessments.
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Bootcamps and Workshops

We offer intensive Bootcamps and Workshops as well.
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Why Learning is important for Corporates

Great Content & Delivery

Organizations save learning costs by partnering with us for employee learning.

Elite and World-class Faculties | Instructors

Provide your employees exposure to world-class Faculties & Instructors from top Universities/Colleges and Industry Thought Leaders or Executives from Silicon Valley& India.

Choice of Modes

We offer Group Learning for your Company | Startup | MSME.

Enhanced Performance & Higher ROI

We map learning goals, learning outcomes with business results. Stepped up organizational efficiency and employee performance.

Global Faculties | Instructors Access

Employees gain through interaction with Faculties | Instructors from across the world with diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Uplift your Learning Experience

We offer different mediums Live Online Learning (Virtual Learning (Video)), Live Learning (Face-to-Face) and Hybrid Learning.